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Traka USA is the only official source for your Traka systems in North America. Wholly owned by Traka plc, our USA office is manned by the most experienced team of key management specialists you will find anywhere in the world.

Not only does our USA team know about Traka, with direct links to the UK factory, they also know all about the many different applications that Traka is used for. So if you operate a casino, a university, a property company, a distribution center or literally any other commercial or government institution we can give you advice about the help a Traka system will provide for you.

And in these days of financial cut backs, a Traka system can almost always offer you significant savings, often showing paybacks in much less than twelve months. As you see from the videos and case studies, Traka is not just for security – a Traka system will control your valuable resources, often managing a process and making your organization safer too.

Traka USA is a company you can trust – our people, our support and our systems are the very best you will find anywhere in the industry. Enquire today to discover how a Traka system and its team of experts far exceed that of any other system.

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