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Contrôle d'accès

Conventional keys...

Effective key management controlling who can gain access to rooms, buildings, secure areas, even vehicles and equipment, is easily achieved using Traka's proven intelligent key management systems. Excellent if you want to control the use of conventional keys - but, many people these days think about more sophisticated access control solutions with company (magnetic) ID cards, proximity tokens or even biometrics (fingerprint) readers.

Traka alternatives...

Traka offers two very attractive alternative solutions - both offering similar levels of control and flexibility normally only associated with more complex and expensive systems - and, both bring the 'price per door' down to a much lower cost.

  • Simple access control - using Traka's patented iFob as an electronic key (iKey) as a means to gain access to specific areas or resources
  • Integrated access control - linking conventional key management with your existing 3rd party access control systems

Who uses these systems...

Any company that wants to control access to property, facilities, buildings, secure areas, building or transport yards, or remote unmanned sites such as reserviors, water towers or mobile telephone masts. Traka access control systems are widely used by banks and computer centres to provide controlled access to their data server racks. In a different manner they are also widely used to restrict keys and control access in secure hospitals, prisons, detention and immigration centres.

Vehicles and tools too...

Traka's electronic key (iKey) can also be used for controlling and auditing who can gain access to industrial plant vehicles, equipment and tool cabinets, as well as rooms and secure areas.


If the Traka electronic key (iKey) access control facility is adopted, then the system will work on its own, replacing the need for conventional keys. The great advantage here is that an iFob cannot be copied and secondly, if it is lost, then there is no indication of what it is for, who it belongs to, or which doors it will open. Plus, every door it is used in will register the action, so providing a full audit of all users accessing (or attempting to access) each door being managed by the system. All controlled through the powerful Traka32 software running on an administrators PC.

... and Integration

If conventional keys are still required, one of the big issues faced by organisations such as prisons, is to ensure that they are not 'key compromised' - that is a key taken off the premises, either accidentally or deliberately, where it could be copied.  Should this occur, master keys and all the associated locks have to be changed, often costing thousands, if not tens of thousands, of pounds.

Traka key management systems can integrate with most existing 3rd party access control systems - examples include:

  • Lenel
  • ADT
  • CEM
  • Timecon

When integrated with Traka, the access control system communicates real-time and the Traka system forces the user to return his or her keys. If the user attempts to leave the building without having first returned their keys, their exit is blocked.

Traka is a Lenel OAAP Certified Partner and has established relationships with partners such as Unilink (software management applications) and Gunnebo (physical turnstiles) so we can provide a complete and fully integrated security control solution with leading industry specialists.

To find out more about Traka's integration with Lenel OnGuard, please see the Lenel document in the download panel opposite or click here to read more on our software page.

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