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Contrôle de process

Every oganisation has its own processes and procedures - but when it comes to industry and manufacturing, be it food production, pharmaceutical, car assembly, power stations, mining or the petrochemical industry (just as examples), there are very strict procedures to adhere to.  These are primarily to ensure both compliance and safety. Safety to protect and safeguard the plant, the quality of the product, and the well being of the staff. Compliance to ensure that industry regulations are adhered to. To quote a manager at Scottish & Southern's Fiddlers Ferry power station...

'You can have as many written processes in place and safety certificates hanging on the wall as you like but, if you can't back them up and ensure that they are enforced, then they are worthless - and this is exactly why we decided to adopt Traka systems, to safeguard our procedures and ensure that our processes are adhered to.'

Traka systems are installed in The Vatican, DeBeers Diamond mines, many Power Stations, SASOL Petrochemical Plants, Jaguar Land Rover, Cadburys and many other industries.

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How can Traka help...

Most processes require steps to be taken in sequence, with appropriate control checks, to ensure that the first procedure has been completed before a second is undertaken.  This might be as simple as ensuring that the power to the transmitter is turned off before work can start on servicing the radio aerial on the roof - easily achieved by managing the interlocking of the keys to the two resources. Alternatively it might be an integrated solution linking the control valves in an oil refinery so that they can only be opened or closed in the correct flow sequence. All is achievable using Traka asset management solutions.

Bespoke solutions...

Because your industry requirements are likely to be specific, the majority of our solutions in this field are bespoke to address and implement your particular processes.  Whilst the key and asset management is usually managed by our standard cabinets, the power lies in the Traka32 controlling software to configure the control sequences that you need to ensure are enforced, without that element of human error which can introduce mistakes through lack of knowledge, experience or training - or just bad judgment.

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