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Whether you are looking to control access to keys for vehicles, facilities or secure areas, control access to specialist tools and equipment, enforce processes and procedures in industry and manufacturing - Traka has proven solutions in use 24/7 in industries and factories across the world. Traka successfully helps organisations to reduce risk, ensure compliance, improve operating margins by reducing 'downtime' and increase competitive advantage.

Accessing the equipment...

Controlling user access to conventional keys immediately restricts who can gain entry to, or use, existing stores, equipment and machinery - this can be easily achieved by using a Traka key management solution - designed to allow management to specify exactly who can access which key and at what time, record and audit the information and alert a line manager or supervisor if a key is not returned by a designated time.

Specialist equipment, tool cabinets and secure areas can be fitted with a receptor socket and linked to a Traka Immobilisor, so that the conventional key is replaced by an iFob (electronic key). Each user, as defined in the system database, has their own unique user profile specifying what assets they have permission to access and use. This is electronically written to the iFob when issued to the individual and it then restricts what equipment they can access.

Tools and equipment can be housed in intelligent RFID lockers - again controlled by the powerful Traka32 software - which defines who can access each compartment.  It records when a tool or piece of equipment is taken, when it is returned, and by whom. It even tells them the correct locker to return it to, should the user forget or try to put it back quickly in the wrong locker.

Alcohol testing too...

Of course, you want your workforce to be competent and capable of undertaking their duties and responsibilities. To ensure that users are not under the influence of alcohol, companies can easily integrate alcohol testing with their asset management solutions from Traka.

A particularly interesting application...

The importance of process control is clearly illustrated in one particularly interesting application - a food manufacturing plant in Dublin, governed by GMP regulations, which implemented a sophisticated Traka solution following a near-miss disaster. Read the case study (see opposite) to find out more!

Controlling the process...

Traka software has many sophisticated control functions that can be incorporated into management process.

  • Restricting the number of keys that each user may take, or have out of the system, simultaneously.
  • Multi-level authorisation, such that an authorised user cannot remove a key (or asset from a locker) without secondary authorisation from a supervisor.  It can even be stipulated that the second (or third level authoriser) has to be in a remote room or control area.
  • Key pairing, such that two keys have to be taken and used together, but by different users.
  • Reverse key pairing, such that one key has to be returned before a second key can be taken.
  • Key association, such that a predefined group of keys have to be taken in a set sequence.

Advanced control...

With Traka systems you have the ability to configure a range of control options which help you to ensure that your staff are competent, fully trained, better manage your processes and look after your company's important resources.

  • Assigning recalibration intervals, beyond which equipment can't be accessed and used.
  • Specifying a user's licence expiry date, beyond which they are locked-out from accessing the keys to equipment or tools.
  • Logging and reporting a fault or a defect on the device, piece of equipment or tool by the user when they return the asset, or the key to it.
  • Immediate and automatic lock-down of a key to any device as soon as it is reported faulty by a user.
  • Automatic notification to a service engineer or maintenance team of tools, equipment or facilities reported as faulty.
  • Advanced booking of an asset, so it can't be taken by another user when it is due for service or repair.

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