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Key Management - no small issue

When it comes to managing keys for your organisation it is usually only at matter of time before you realise that keeping them in the reception desk drawer, the managers office or at a Porters Lodge just doesn't give you the control or management information you need - especially perhaps, when an incident has occurred or a compliance audit is taking place and you have to go back checking through endless paper records. 

There is a better solution...

Traka delivers a flexible, robust, industry proven key management solution that is in use worldwide. It gives you the control you need and it provides the information you need to know, when you need it - quickly and easily!

Who uses Traka?

Actually, the question should be, 'Who doesn't use Traka for key management?'

Traka systems are used extensively by organisations such as The British Library, The Houses of Parliament, The Foreign and Home Office, as well as the European Parliament. Museums such as the Natural History and National Maritime Museum use Traka - as does Le Louvre in Paris. Casinos, Hospitals, Universities, Police Stations, Prisons, Power Stations, Petrochemical Plants in South Africa and even Nuclear facilities in Japan use Traka to manage and safeguard their critical and most important keys. And, don't think we only deal with big organisations - many of our customers comprise of small businesses or factories - the scale may be different - but their needs are pretty much the same.  We have a saying at Traka, 'Because we care'  - we care passionately about all our customers, large or small.

Why key management?

It's a question often asked - but like so many things in life, unless you try it, you won't know! Here are just a few reasons why customers turned to Traka for improving their key control...

  • Keys are only available to authorised staff
  • Keys are always available 24/7 without the need for security (or management) supervision
  • Reduced risk and greater compliance - staff can't access assets they are not permitted (or qualified) to use.
  • Minimised downtime, lost productivity or inconvenience as the user of a key can always be identified quickly
  • Greater accountability and a higher level of ownership amongst your staff, resulting in fewer losses and less damage
  • Fewer security implications because keys are rarely lost
  • Less expenditure on replacing missing or lost keys
  • Reduced administration time spent in checking records, preparing for an audit or coping with security breaches


Traka solutions can be integrated with almost all 3rd Party Access Control Systems. Traka is a Certified Lenel OAAP Partner.  This means that your existing company magnetic ID card can be used as your method of identification at the key management cabinet. Alternatively you can use a unique PIN code, proximity token, biometrics fingerprint recognition or even a combination.

Be it for a factory, an office or even on board a ship, Traka has a solution for you!

How does it work?

Traka key cabinets control who can gain access to your keys - restricting them to authorised users only. At the same time they maintain a full audit of all key usage, present and past, thus identifying who took a key, when, at what time it was returned, and by whom.

Because each key set is permanently tagged (using our patented iFob technology) and locked inside our intelligent software controlled cabinets we can ensure that only authorised staff are able to release them - we know how long the user held the key and exactly when it was returned. And if, after a certain time it is still outstanding, the system can raise a warning alert, by SMS text or email, to a supervisor or line manager.

What are the features?

Our systems are easily configurable to define either, single users with single key access, or, to give multi-user access to one or more keys or keysets.

  • Each user and asset is defined with its own unique set of access permissions
  • Individual time restrictions for different users or user groups can be set - giving access for shift working, curfew limits or other general restrictions for staff such as cleaners or contractors
  • Restricting the number of keys that each user may take, or have out of the system, simultaneously.
  • Key booking options for the advanced booking of keys, room use, scheduling of equipment or the servicing of machinery or tools
  • Central control for monitoring and managing keys; reporting on key usage, overdue keys and utilisation statistics
  • Setting inter-related key functions - such as key pairing for ensuring process control, thus not permitting a key to be taken prior to a previous one being returned
  • Multi-level key release authorisation - thus restricting access to keys, even for valid users, unless a manager or supervisor is present to authorise the release of that key
  • Management reports are easy to produce via the reporting function, thus ensuring that the information you need is always available, and quickly

What our customers say...

'Traka offers real value for money and certainly helps us comply with current legislation. We have complete confidence in the Traka team and, should in the unlikely event that there might be a problem, we know they will ring us back and resolve it quickly.' 

Peter Summers, Leicester University Hospitals NHS Trust

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