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Traka offers bespoke secure intelligent locker/storage options for controlled access to personal items, industrial equipment, tools and a wide range of mobile computing and data terminal type devices. These are widely used in organisations such as sports centres, schools, hospitals, power stations, factories, aircraft manufacturing, airports, car hire agencies, distribution centres, retail environments, the Police and other Emergency Services. 

Why do our customers use Traka?

In environments where shared portable equipment is not always treated with respect - and is prone to being lost, damaged or mislaid - the ability to identify who last used a specific piece of equipment or tool, and when, can provide essential management information.

Traka provides a very effective way to control access to, and traceability of, equipment usage. At the same time Traka introduces significantly higher levels of user accountability and hence responsibility which often results in less damage, fewer losses and reduced operating costs for your business.

Modular - and available in a range of sizes - Traka's electronically locked compartments provide secure, intelligent storage for a wide range of applications. Just a few of many applications are listed below - click on a link and see what we have developed to meet the needs of specific customers. Could we help your organisation? If so, telephone us to discuss your requirements.


Portable equipment and tools

Personal property

Management control

In common with our key management systems, the sophisticated Traka32 software is used to control locker access via PIN, magnetic card or biometrics reader. Enabling valuable management information to be complied, the system automatically records when a locker is opened and by whom - and with an optional RFID sensor, when the contents are actually removed and returned.

Putting you in control

With the RFID option you will be able to know exactly when each individual device was taken, when it was returned, and even ensure that it was returned to the correct compartment. Because each asset is effectively tagged it can be identified as 'in or out' of the system and easily monitored on the software status screen. A full audit of equipment usage is maintained and a snapshot audit can be taken at any time by a simple click of the mouse.  

Advanced control

With Traka systems you have the ability to configure a range of advance control options helping you to better manage access to your equipment and tools - for example:

  • Setting a due back time (curfew)
  • Assigning recalibration intervals beyond which the equipment can't be used
  • Specifying a user's licence expiry which locks them out beyond this date
  • Logging any faults detected on the device by the user
  • Advanced booking of the asset so it can't be taken by another user
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