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Ideal for the temporary storage of personal property, Traka's Electronic Locker (Simple Locker solution) provides a low cost management option for organisations where a large number of lockers maybe required. Electronic Lockers have been widely adopted by organisations such as

  • Sports Centres
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Libraries

Infact any organisation which needs to provide secure storage of personal property or items of equipment.

These lockers are easily installed, simple to use, and require little training.  Once in use they are easily administered from the front control panel.

Electronic lockers allow for the use of PIN code as the default access method. Optionally, magnetic ID card or biometrics reader access control can be fitted for additional security.

How do they operate?

Electronic Lockers normally reside with each door slightly open.  Each user will identify him or her self to the system with their ID and then select an empty compartment. After placing their belongings in the locker compartment and shutting the door, the compartment is then assigned to that user.  Only that user (or a system administrator) will subsequently be able to open the door.  Upon opening, the user is no longer the 'owner' of that locker and the compartment will be reassigned to the next user.

Special Projects

Whilst Electronic Lockers are ideal in many circumstances, Traka have provided a variety of solutions, and undertaken many special projects, to meet specific customer requirements.  The illustration shown in the photograph above is of a secure Government reception area - no mobile phones, cameras, laptop computers or mobile computing devices can be taken beyond this point. Visitors have to leave all such equipment in secure lockers.  This system works slightly differently, in so much that all locker doors remain closed, in use or not, and it is the responsibility of the receptionist / security guard to assign a locker to the visitor and then associate it with their temporary visitor ID card for access.

Traka's secure storage has been installed in universities, hospitals, airports and police stations - in the latter case, they are being used to secure and store retained property and control access to personal property and evidence removed from crime scenes.

It maybe that the requirement is to keep property in the locker for just a few hours, such as in a reception area, or longer, perhaps for a few days at a police station - this is not a problem.

However, in some circumstances, such as a sports centre, the organisation might wish to automatically force all doors to be opened at a set time (perhaps at midnight) in order to clear contents that should not be left in overnight - this facility is easily achieved with Traka's sophisticated electronics and controlling software.

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