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Programme AIRWAVE

Compliance - Airwave Code of Practice

Taking the initiative, taking control - managing Airwave Handsets

Traka manufacture a range of Airwave terminal management solutions helping to ensure organisations are compliant with the Airwave Code of Practice. 

It doesn’t matter if you are Police, any of the other Emergency Services, a Council, run public transport or a civil organisation such as an Airport or Port authority. The Airwave Code of Practice is rigorous and must be met. Traka makes it easy to be compliant!

Full management control

Systems can be supplied with (or without) integrated battery charging facilities, depending upon requirements. Traka solutions come supplied with PC software to monitor handset usage, control access and restrict the access to authorised users only.

Compliance at its best...

Traka ensures Airwave terminals are:-

  • Stored securely
  • Readily accessible 24/7
  • Restricted to authorised users only
  • Protected from theft or malicious damage
  • Monitored and, accurate records are kept of who takes & returns a handset – and when
  • Accounted for, and provide for a real time audit, at the click of a mouse from a central PC

What you can expect

All systems are installed by qualified engineers and managed by dedicated account managers. Full user training is provided, as well as training for administrators, to ensure that you get the best from your new system and the reporting features. Traka systems come with a 12 month parts & labour warranty and, should you need it, Traka has a dedicated telephone help desk support line.

Sepura Solutions Partner

Working to ensure that Traka supply the best solutions to the industry, we liaise closely with leading suppliers and providers to ensure maximum compatability. Traka is a member of the Sepura Solutions Partner Programme.

Managing your Airwave Handsets – with Traka software

Traka software runs on any current Windows PC or Server – it simply requires a network connection (TCP/IP) to each intelligent Airwave locker. The software easily allows users to be added or deleted and defines access rights to your handsets.

At a glance, see which terminals are in or out of each locker.

At the click of a mouse, conduct a ‘real time audit’ of all handsets, no matter how many intelligent Airwave locker systems are in your administrative control and generate easy to read management reports. 

Have the ability to trace who has a handset now, or who had it last.

RFID tagging

Terminals can be uniquely RFID tagged, so each handset is individually identified. Not only can we identify who has taken a handset but, which one – and we can even ensure that the person returns it to the correct locker compartment.

Compliance made easy

In addition to the standard Traka functionality, more advanced features can also be utilised, such as…

  • Fault/defect reporting
  • Instant lock out of faulty units
  • Automatic notification to managers and the scheduling of servicing or repair
  • Setting ‘return by’ limits, so an overdue handset will automatically trigger a warning to a supervisor
  • In built battery charging capability in each locker compartment
  • Last-In, Last-Out control to ensure battery recharge is complete

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