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Contrôle alcoolémie

Key management with compulsory alcohol testing

The highly acclaimed GB Alcolock 500 alcohol tester (Home Office approved) has been integrated to work with Traka electronic key management to ensure drivers (or operatives of any piece of potentially dangerous equipment) must first pass a breath test before keys can be withdrawn. Testing can be compulsory for every user or set to test a random sample of users through the Traka software.

Why use Alcolock?

Integration with Traka provides a way to ensure that either a random selection of your staff are sampled, or a compulsory breath test is taken for everyone, before keys are be released.  It is a very cost effective method for ensuring staff are safe to drive or use equipment where excessive alcohol levels may cause danger or impair judgement.  Typical applications include:

This solution is ideal for those organisations where operatives ‘start from base’ such as a factory, distribution centre or central depot. Each user must approach the cabinet, identify themselves by means of swipe card, proximity token, PIN or biometric (fingerprint) – ask for a specific key and, if requested, take the Alcolock test. Only if the test is passed will the key be released for the user to take.

Alcolock 500

The Alcolock 500 is an industry recognised and Home Office approved device (supplied by GB Alcolock). It is rugged in design and intended for the industrial marketplace. Because of its serious implications, this highly accurate piece of equipment requires to be recalibrated twice yearly by qualified staff under a service contract agreement.

The alcohol fail level can be set to pre-determined levels such as Zero Tolerance, UK drink-drive limit, Swedish drink-drive limit or any other management desired level.

How does it work?

After opening the Traka key cabinet using PIN, access card or biometrics reader the user then selects the required key to a particular vehicle or piece of equipment. However, before the key is released the system display requests the user to blow into the Alcolock.

A five second blow and the system will confirm a Pass or a Fail. Only if Passed will the key be released.

Should a user fail the breath test, then the key will be locked in place. The Fail will be logged in the Traka database together with the user's name.  The user will then need to inform their supervisor or line manager. 


How else can Traka help organisations with vehicle fleets?

  • Ensure that driver licenses have not expired, and are valid, before keys are released
  • Save on staff time, by automatically vending keys and auditing their use
  • Alert when keys are NOT taken, indicating a driver is late - perhaps to ensure a substitute driver is assigned in good time
  • Alert if keys are not returned at the end of each day or after every shift
  • Provide a full, automatic audit, detailing who used each vehicle and when
  • Prompt drivers to report vehicle defects as they return their keys
  • Always know who was driving every vehicle, and when, so traffic offences can easily be attributed
  • Record vehicle mileage, monitor and report on utilisation, plan and schedule servicing or maintenance
  • Manage the keys for many other items - such as equipment, buildings, store rooms and lockers

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