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In selected circumstances, acting upon a customers specific requirement, Traka can adapt standard products. Typical examples might be to manufacture a cabinet in a different colour, matching either a customers work environment or their corporate colour and branding. Another variant might be to fit a solid metal door, either hinged or roller style, instead of our standard polycarbonate door.  Cabinets are typically mounted on a solid wall but, in special circumstances can be cut-in and mounted flush within a wall or on a specially designed support stand appropriate to the environment.  If you have a specific requirement for a special application, then please telephone to discuss this with us.

Addressing the need...

Being responsive is part of our nature.  It does not mean that every idea put forward can readily be adapted or developed - but where there is a strong business case, Traka will work with a prospect or client to develop a solution that meets the requirements and addresses the need.

iFob Transfer unit

An excellent example of 'addressing the need' is our hand-held iFob transfer unit.  This simple yet sophisticated device enables ownership of the iFob (and hence associated keys) to be transferred from one owner to another (with the event being both recorded and time-stamped) without the need for the key holder to return to a cabinet.  This device was developed as a result of a recent Cash in Transit application requirement, whereby the client had a specific set of procedures that had to be followed - Traka developed a solution that not only met, but reinforced, the clients' process.

Integrating with your Access Control

One of the most common questions... 'can we use our company ID card or our existing magnetic cards to identify and gain access to the Traka cabinet?'  The answer is YES - Traka systems can read and work in conjunction with most existing 3rd Party access control systems and can integrate with their databases, so vital user ID information can be read from a single source to save on duplication and wasted administration time.

Other possibilities too...

It is not just about ID cards - Traka can work with a range of fingerprint or hand scanners - we just need to know the nature of the systems you already have in place and want us to integrate with.  For example, a recent customer wanted a CCTV camera built into the cabinet, so that each time a user identified him/herself to the cabinet in order to take a key, the Traka system took a photograph and stored this image in the database.

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