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Traka are recognised as world leaders in innovative technology for sophisticated intelligent access control; utilising key management control solutions and keyless electronic lockers to manage and control access to your most important assets.

Significant and on-going investment is continuously made in the development of new products and software applications. These may stem from new technologies being made available - or they may arise as the result of customer requirements when seeking special applications or a bespoke solution to solve particular business issues.

If your organisation has a requirement that you think Traka could help you to resolve, then telephone us now for a 'no obligation' discussion.

Traka staff are creative and resourceful. Based in the UK we can quickly help your organisation to identify and define issues, scope a solution, develop a prototype and implement a fully configured product.

Not only do we have a highly competent R&D team but, we also have our own full time installation engineers, project managers and account managers. All are available to ensure that any new project is properly managed, fulfills the requirements, meets your expectations and that your staff are properly trained before we leave you - but only for a short while.

We pride ourselves in maintaining close contact with all our customers through our account management team to ensure that they remain happy and, using our help-desk and maintenance teams, we can keep you updated when new products become available.

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