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Traka complete package

When you purchase a Traka system, we pride ourselves on the fact that you are buying more than just a physical box.  The service provision you can expect from Traka will include...

Keeping your system up and running

Traka systems are designed and built to be inherently reliable. To ensure, however, that in the unlikely event of a breakdown, downtime is minimised, and the system is reliably repaired, we offer a range of warranty and maintenance options.

Growing with your operational needs

Modular, and almost infinitely expandable, your Traka system is virtually future-proof, ensuring your investment will pay off for years to come. Whether you need to add a new receptor strip or several new cabinets, as your organisation grows, you can be confident that Traka will continue to provide a high level of service, together with the software compatibility and technical integrity you'll need to manage and protect your most important assets.

Help Desk support

Traka have a dedicated telephone number for direct communication with the UK help desk:- 0845 630 6300

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