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Dedicated Installation Engineers

Our Customer Account Managers will be in immediate contact with you, once you have made the decision to purchase a Traka system. Our Customer Account Managers will oversee the entire project and assign an Installation Engineer. The Installation Engineer will be responsible for the physical installation, including connecting the cabinets to your power source and data communication points. The Engineer will also install the necessary PC software and liaise with your IT team to ensure that they are fully aware of the configuration requirements.

Meeting your needs...

All Traka systems are custom built, hence there is often a short lead time from when you place the order through to installation. Custom build enables us to ensure that individually, all systems meet each of our customers' specific operational needs as closely as possible, both in hardware design and software functionality.

Our Engineers are also responsible for providing Maintenance and Warranty Support to our customers. And, should you take out an extended warranty option, you can expect to see them on site at least once a year to perform an annual 'health-check' and service.

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