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What is Traka used for?

Schools, Colleges and Universities are all major customers of Traka. Requirements typically fall into four categories, managing:

How is Traka used?

Any conventional key, be it for vehicles, premises, facilities or even machinery are best managed using Traka's industry proven intelligent key management cabinets.

Any portable equipment, be it a security radio, laptop computers, even sensitive or expensive equipment can be best managed using Traka's intelligent electronic lockers

Why is Traka so valuable?

“We wanted to get away from keys in pockets, from inadequate storage on walls and, above all, to reduce the total number of keys in circulation. There are over 286 staff in the Estates - be they Cleaners, Maintenance, Porters or Security staff, they each have their own roles to perform and need keys to do so. Traka has enabled us to tighten up the entire key management issue.” Graham Middleton

If you would like to know more about the solutions we can offer, please call 01234 712345.

What are the benefits?

In fact Traka software enables Schools, Colleges and Universities to better control user access to important assets.  The results are simple:-

  • Better control - restricting who can access equipment, tools, vehicles and secure areas
  • Fewer losses - to equipment, tools and important assets
  • Reduced damage - to vehicles and specialist equipment
  • Significantly less time spent on administration
  • Lower operating costs

Why customers choose Traka...

"Firstly, the software is adaptable to meet customer requirements. Secondly, the training provided was ‘spot-on’ and, if I do have an issue, then I simply pick up the phone to the Help Desk. I immediately get help, there is no queue, and I get to speak to someone who is knowledgeable!” In conclusion… Graham Middleton, Head of Security says… “Traka is a neat, robust, easy to use and reliable piece of equipment. It eliminates the element of human error from key management. It provides users with a strong visible representation of who has a set of keys at any point in time. Traka also met my strategic intention of improving the security at The University of Leicester.”

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