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Who uses Traka?

Traka products are used in many Prisons, Court cells, Detention centres, Immigration centres as well as by Police, Military and Government organisations worldwide.

How is Traka used?

Traka is used for managing access to keys and assets for a range of applications including...

  • Managing and auditing key usage for officers accessing prison cells
  • Key management to secure areas such as stores and restricted areas
  • Fleet vehicle key control - to better manage utilisation of prison fleet vehicles
  • Controlling access to and the usage of equipment such as personal attack alarms, specialist and covert equipment
  • Monitoring and restricting access to laptops, data devices and portable equipment that must be accounted for
  • Management, control and auditing of access to retained property and evidence
  • Managing access to and ensuring compliance for security radios and Airwave terminals
  • Controlled access to areas such as a visitors suite

Integration too...

Traka products can be integrated with almost any 3rd Party Access Control system, so you can continue to use your existing magnetic ID card or biometrics fingerprint reader to gain access to the key management cabinets or intelligent locker systems. Traka is a Lenel OAAP Certified Partner and has established relationships with partners such as Unilink and Gunnebo.


Click here to read the comments about Traka's integration at the Newbury Custody Suite.

What are the benefits?

Now a defacto standard in new prison builds and widely adopted in existing prisons and secure units, the results are simple:-

  • Better control - restricting and auditing who can access keys to cells
  • Minimised likelihood of a key compromise situation
  • Fewer losses - to equipment and assets
  • Reduced damage - to vehicles and specialist equipment
  • Significantly less time spent on administration
  • Reduced staffing overheads
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increased H&S compliance

How is this achieved?

Keys to cells, stores or vehicles (and any other conventional keys) can be managed through Traka's intelligent key management cabinets. Equipment, such as personal attack alarms or security radios are best managed using intelligent electronic lockers. Not only can you control who can access the locker but, with RFID tagging, you can identify who took it and when - when it was returned and by whom.

No compromise...

Because Traka systems can integrate with access control systems we can interlink our products to ensure that staff members can't:

  • Access secure areas without first having taken their personal attack alarm or keys
  • Leave the building without first having returned their keys or personal attack alarm

See what our clients think - read the article available for download opposite - Custodial Review 1

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