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Who uses Traka?

Traka products are used by many Power Stations and Water Companies both in the UK and overseas, even Mobile Phone Telecomms and Petrochemical Plants.

How is Traka used?

Traka is used for managing access to keys and assets for a range of applications including...

Why is Traka so valuable?

"We can now issue keys 24/7 with full audit control. With two teams - our full time staff and a contractor team - it is vital that we ensure compliance. Before installing Traka, keys were being taken and held by users - often we couldn't get access to tools and equipment - we have no such problems now!" Steve Cash

What are the benefits?

Traka software enables Power Stations, Sewage Works, Water Companies and Telecomms to better control user access to important assets.  The results are simple:-

  • Better control - restricting who can access equipment, tools, vehicles, specialist and secure areas
  • Fewer losses - to equipment, tools and your important assets
  • Reduced damage - to vehicles and specialist equipment
  • Significantly less time spent on administration
  • Greater accountability of all users, in particular, contractors working on site
  • Improved H&S compliance
  • Lower operating costs

How is this achieved?

Keys to vehicles and any other conventional keys can be managed through a Traka key cabinet. Cabinets can be local or networked together between remote sites, and all controlled from software running on a central PC or Server.

Equipment is best managed in Traka's intelligent electronic lockers. Not only can you control who can access the locker but, with RFID tagging, you can identify who took the asset and when - when it was returned and by whom.

Why customers choose Traka...

Steve Cash, Fiddlers Ferry Power Station comments, "Safety is paramount ... you can have as many awards and certificates on the wall as you like, but unless you can back them up in practice it means nothing - Traka provides us with a system that enables safety processes to be rigorously put into practice."

If you would like to know more about the solutions we can offer, please call 01234 712345.

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