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PC Software Administration

Traka software (Traka32) runs on any current Windows PC or Server and requires a network connection to each Key Cabinet or Locker system. The software easily allows for:

  • Users to be added or deleted
  • Access permissions and user profiles to be defined
  • At a glance, see which keys are currently in/out of every system, local or remote
  • Quickly perform a real time audit of all keys across all systems
  • Produce MI reports showing who took each key, when, and when it was returned

Additional features

In addition to basic key control, many additional features can be assigned – some of the more popular features include the ability to:-

  • Log faults or defects discovered with an asset being used – such as a steering problem on a vehicle, a broken safety catch on a piece of machinery or pehaps the air conditioning not working in a conference room
  • Instantly lock-out faulty assets so no one else can use them until repaired
  • Automatically notify managers, supervisors or service teams by email or SMS text of any alerts
  • Assign service intervals or calibration dates after which equipment becomes unavailable
  • Set ‘return-by’ limits (curfew), so an overdue key will automatically trigger an alert / alarm
  • Pre-book keys in advance, so they are reserved and no-one else can take them
  • Pair keys - so one cannot be taken whilst the other is still out of the system
  • Set multi-user authorisation, such that a supervisor or line-manager has to authorise a particular key being taken
  • Assign keys on a temporary basis to visiting staff, such as a service engineer
  • Allow for Random Return, such that keys taken from one site can be returned to a cabinet on another site, and be managed across the entire system

Multi Language instructions

Because Traka systems are used worldwide, our key cabinets can be configured to display user instructions in different languages - so whether your employees speak English, Dutch, French, German, Polish or Japanese, they will have no difficult in understanding how to use our systems.

Traka32 Software

The power behind all Traka solutions lies in the Traka32 software. Running on a single Windows PC or in a networked server environment, it offers multi-language use, provides for real-time data capture, interfaces with almost all 3rd party access control applications and uses an SQL database to provide extensive access level controls and key transaction history.

In a networked environment, multiple key cabinets can be accessed and controlled from a central location - so in an instant you can undertake a complete audit of all your keys or important assets. And, should there be an emergency situation, you can perform a remote 'emergency release'.

For day to day administration on a large complex, why not set up regions, thus allowing a local security or facilities manger to have control of keys and users on their particular site, whilst the Security Manager maintains overall control of all keys.

Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports enable a comprehensive range of Management Information reports to be generated quickly and easily. These might typically include reports showing... all key transactions; transactions for a particular key; keys that were not returned on time; keys that are currently out of the system; faults reported by vehicle users; mileage recorded per vehicle; the utilisation of vehicles by time. Traka supplies a standard range of reports and can also give help and guidance to administrators, showing how to set up their own specific reports.

And lockers too...

Traka32 software is used for managing our range of intelligent lockers - so many of the features described on this page are equally applicable to ensuring that only authorised users can gain access to our lockers (and the assets that they house) and at the same time, provide a comprehensive range of management control too.

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